Dear Neighborhood Councils,
My name is Will Hess and I am on the November ballot as the opposition 
against the incumbent Richard Bloom. The office we are competing for is
California State Assembly in the 50th district (Hollywood – Malibu).
Per the zoning issue which is effecting neighborhoods and communities around
Los Angeles County I am on the opposite side of the issue than Bloom is.  
If you review the bills below:
I ultimately stand on the side of not rezoning residential districts from what they are to 
something they are not purely motivated by greed and the lust for more property taxes, etc.
Knocking down 1-2 story homes and making way for 6-8 story condominium buildings in residential
neighborhoods that are already established taxes both the schools and utilities of that area in an 
unfair way as they are not taken into account as they seek to make the population denser without
accounting for these impositions.
Also traffic which is already a legendary issue in L.A. will only be made worse by packing in more
population to the same square mileage without the accompanied rapid expansion of the 
underground L.A. subway system which I am a proponent of but at the rate they are building it
we’ll all be long gone before it comes to fruition.
Finally, I am in absolute agreement with the idea that municipalities divest surplus properties for affordable housing
before imposing or disrupting established communities.
If you agree with me per the zoning issues and would like me to talk to any of your members
and or at any meetings to echo these thoughts please feel free to reach out to me, Will Hess, the Will
of the People!
My main campaign issue is ending homelessness which is what got me into the race to begin with
because it just seemed that no one was doing anything about it including our current State Assemblyman, the 
Mayor of L.A., or the Governor of California.
Thank you and I wish you safety and security for you and your neighborhoods during these crazy Covid-19 days.
your friend,

Will Hess
The Will of the People!