America is the largest and most generous purveyor of legal immigration in the world allowing over 1 million people citizenship annually. What other country on Earth does this? No body. All we ask is that the new people assimilate into American culture, learn English, obey our laws and swear an oath of allegiance to the USA, the greatest social experiment in the history of mankind. Without the rule of law chaos will prevail. I will always be a proponent of and advocate for legal immigration. I will never be for the unfair practice of cutting in line in front of others whom have followed the rules, paid thousands in fees and given their time to filling out the paperwork to become apart of our great nation. By doing this, they show us the respect that we deserve as a nation. Being an economic migrant (and most are) is not a satisfactory reason for giving priority to one immigrant over another. There are real cases of requested asylum. Most are false claims of asylum though and are simply economic migrants that need to wait their turn in line and if they don’t have the respect for our country to follow our rules and abide by our laws, then how can we expect them to become good law-abiding citizens? It is not logical. Many are being coached on what to say by those that benefit from the broken system and make money off the backs of the helpless to benefit themselves fiscally. One day I believe we can and will fix the system but until that day, we should not empower and reward those that would break our laws under false claims of amnesty for which if they truly were real claims being afraid for their lives, then Mexico would be the first nation for many of them to go to, and not the USA. Let us remember that America receives immigrants from every corner of the globe, not just Central or South America. We take more immigrants than any other nation on the planet.