I’ll stand for expanding our infrastructure here in Los Angeles which will be a long-term investment in the people of California and in the people of America.  I have visited China and seen their infrastructure of 10,000 miles of high-speed rail under the Belt & Road Initiative. I have ridden the mag lev (magnetic levitation) trains laid between Shanghai and Beijing. Why does China and many other nations around the planet have thousands of miles of high-speed rail but yet the 5th largest economy on the planet does not have 1 mile of high-speed rail? Do you see this as a problem? I do. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a train from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 45 minutes or a 20-minute train ride to San Diego? Or what about a 45-minute train ride to Las Vegas? This would be an obvious boost to tourism. We need to revive the effort for California’s high-speed bullet rail. It died under Governor Gavin Newsom because he didn’t have the Willpower to make it happen. This time we will use Imminent Domain and we’ll fight against the lawfare that tries to erode the progress of America. 

    We need to expand the Metro underground subway systems and above ground local Bart like above ground trains here in Los Angeles and we will. Everywhere you see in Los Angeles they are tearing down 1 and 2 story buildings and building 6-10 story condominiums. This is packing in more people on top of each other into the same space. This means the traffic will only continue to get worse. And any local already knows L.A. has a terrible traffic reputation. If we offer mass transit it will be used. The Purple Line is which currently being built to connect Santa Monica to Korea Town is fantastic! We just need more of that and faster than its current pace.

    Other infrastructure ideas include desalination plants up along the coast which could supply abundant supplies of fresh water from the ocean, desalinated to be used for agriculture and to fight the annual forest fires. Why do we only depend on water we pump in from the mountain when we live right next to an ocean. Israel and Japan have made desalinization plants work for decades. What is our problem? These, are just a few of the examples of what could be done.