You do not have the right to cut in front of others who are in line filing their immigration papers the legal way respecting American sovereignty as they enter our country from every nation on Earth. If you can’t show us the respect we deserve as a nation by entering our nation legally, under our laws, then you do not deserve nor merit being here as this relationship is a two-way contract. It’s not you just coming here taking from America while America has no say. Those days are over. America is a nation of immigrants and we want people to come here and live the American dream but we want them to do so by abiding by our laws and treating us with the respect a sovereign nation deserves. If you can’t do that, don’t come. Being an economic migrant is not the same as seeking asylum. Most asylum claims are false and engineered. Illegal immigration results in death and sex trafficking of minors along with proliferation of drugs over our Southern border. This can’t be tolerated any more. Chaos and anarchy will be replaced with efficiency and control that benefits the state and nation.