California is the 5th largest economy on Earth. District 50 is the wealthiest of all of California’s 80 state assembly districts which includes areas like Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, the Pacific Palisades, West Hollywood and Hollywood. Why are there homeless people here on an unprecedented scale? This is not logical. Prior administrations have not made it a priority to fix this problem. This is a policy issue. It can’t be a party issue when the Democrats have held a super majority in the house and senate along with the Governor’s seat and have retained this power for decades. Why is this happening? What is the Governor doing? What is the Mayor doing? Hello!? Anyone home? Despite their rhetoric they do not want to help the homeless or they would have done so by now. I will tackle and eradicate homelessness in the district by building a coalition of citizens who have the political will to stop making excuses for why we are powerless to do anything about it and how we can start coming up with a plan for building a safe and clean campus which will be clean and have security where the homeless will receive 3 hots and a cot along with medical care, job placement, aid in finding affordable housing, social programs, aid in reaching out to friends or family who might take them in, etc. 


  Hundreds of millions of dollars are already being thrown at this problem annually. I suggest we start with an audit of what is coming in, then we find out how to cut waste and corruption which must be part of why although hundreds of millions have been tossed annually at this problem for years, things only seem to get worse. Does it not sound like government waste and corruption likely exist? Start by undoing that and then come up with a new and reasonable plan using common sense at the current levels of aid to end this plague on humanity. How can this be the epicenter of the liberal left when so many are left to live in despair and ill fortune? This is a blight on us and it needs to end. We are a caring society and we can overcome this societal ill with the will power to do so and we will! We will build immediate temporary hospitals / shelters like they did for the Corona Virus patients in days and people can shelter there until the long-term facility is up and running. There those that have mental issues can receive the care the require. And for those that are able to be rehabilitated into society, that just fell on hard luck, we will make success stories of them helping them get back on their feet becoming successful members of society.

    And for those that would argue the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) argument for not wanting to build a place like this, well I got news for you, it already is in your back yard. Go three miles in any direction in Los Angeles and you will pass unprecedented homeless encampments near free-way onramps, etc. It’s already here. What I recommend is getting a state land grant of land outside Los Angeles where a campus can be built for long term sheltering.


1.     Will visits Hollywood Homeless Encampment on Gower Ave. under the 101 Freeway.

2.     Will visits the Brentwood Homeless Camps on San Vicente Ave. at the VA facility.