BLM is a racist marxist communist organization that launders money for far left democrat politicians. If you visit the BLM URL and donate money to them, it all goes to ACTBLUE whom then disperses it out to far left democrat politicians. None of the money goes to black communities to help black people. This is the deception. Though it may have been donated with the best intent, it is deceptively raised money to help further a socialist agenda. Patriots will stand against these forces of evil which are using the historical struggles that black people have faced through past racism to turn America into a communist nation. America will never be a communist country and that is something I will stand against always. BLM’s money is managed by criminal felon Susan Rosenberg whom served 16 years jail time on a 58 year sentence for far left revolutionary terrorist activity with the goal of over throwing the US government through armed struggle and the use of violence. Why did Bill Clinton commute her sentence on his last day of his administration? The terrorist activities that she took part in with the Black Panthers in the 60’s is now being built on with her new association with BLM. Her anti-American activities continue. BLM is evil and should be resisted at every level. This is not an organization that fights for social justice for black people. It is an organization that says they fight for social justice for black people but then steal your donations and turn it all over to white far left fringe politicians wishing to usher in socialism / communism under the veil of social justice. This will take away the freedoms all Americans enjoy. This is a march toward  authoritarianism and should be resisted at every level.